Bee Divine Embodiment

Bee Divine: Reclaiming Wholeness


Who are you with the Truth of Source flowing through you? Who would you be if you fully surrendered to an all knowing, all loving Mother of the Universe? Divine Mother's wisdom is twofold, we are all one and whole with all that is, and all life is sacred. Bee Divine Embodiment is a body of work that seeks to live and integrate these truths, exploring their deeper meaning. At the heart of our work is a deep relationship to the Divine Mother, the sacred feminine vibration, Mother of the Universe. This path is an awakening to the way of the Sacred Feminine, a path that is of the Earth and through the body.


Bee Divine Embodiment is about awakening the individual to the truth of their Divine nature, and integrating that authenticity throughout each level of their life. It engages the alchemical synergy of vibrational healing, shamanic practices, ritual, acting techniques, hypnotherapy, and integrative coaching, to transform one’s life. It can take the form of interactive ritual theater, which it does so in creation with the Hive, and finds integrated life paths through immersive workshops and retreats, personal coaching sessions, and private Oracle and healing sessions.

Shadow Work

In this body of work, those who engage are guided to create themselves as archetypal aspects of the Divine. Rituals that celebrate, worship and ignite that aspect are created according to the the seekers specification. Initiates on this path investigate all aspects of Self, and examine those parts through the lense of the truth of their Divine Nature. The Self is sacred, all aspects of Self are sacred. The profane is sacred. That which we have disowned is sacred. With courage we dive into our cave of shadows, unraveling ourselves to our most true center, and drawing each part into the honeyed nectar of Divine essence. The message of the Divine Mother is wholeness, so we are diligent in our work to integrate all pieces of the Self.


I do not ask you to believe, I invite you to make belief. At the forefront of our work is the active engagement of the imagination. Imagination is the gateway to unlocking the power of our human experience. Imagination creates. It is the source of magic and the ability to become mistresses of our own lives. The cultivation of imagination takes place by practicing hypnosis, acting, and meditation techniques. In turning the imagination towards the sacred, we discover that it is a potent access point to unlocking the felt sense of the Divine. Our imagination is the key into the play of life.

Elizabeth Huebner

Elizabeth is Priestess, vibrational healer, coach, and creator of Bee Divine Embodiment. Her offerings seek to ignite and integrate Divine energy and presence throughout each participants life for the purpose of metamorphosis and expansion. You are the blessing, you are the medicine. Here we are all prophets, here we are all disciples. I kneel at your feet sweet sacred one to receive your blessings and the wisdom of your sacred life. (Full bio).