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Winter Spiral

Course Fee: $25 monthly
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Earth Speaks Ceremony

This FREE Ceremony will be held monthly.

During this time of so much upheaval and imbalance in our natural world, we invite you to step into virtual ceremony with us. Let us join in circle to offer blessing and prayer to our sweet, good Mother Earth. Let us open our hearts to hear her ancient wisdom and hold container for her woundings, that we may assist in taking what actions we can to heal her.

We will open with a guided meditation and vibrational healing to tune into Gaia and pour our prayers into her. This will be followed by an Oracle offering from our Hive Priestesses followed by an open sharing of our yearnings, blessings, and prayers for the earth.

This ceremony will be held on zoom and is free to all who love the earth and wish to lend her loving attention.

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Next Ceremony: January 11th 2020

Oracle Training

Divine Mother wants to have a personal relationship with us. She speaks to us from a place of our wholeness with her. The Oracle of Delphi was the definitive power in ancient times for over 4,000 years. Kings, generals, and peasants alike sought her guidance. We all have the capacity to receive Divine guidance. We have this capacity because we are one and whole with the Divine. When we perceive ourselves as separate energy blockages hinder our awareness of these Divine communications.

This Oracle training is lead by Elizabeth Huebner in communion with Divine Mother. Training will entail learning how to clear energy blockages that may clutter the channel of Divine perceptions, learning to discern where messages come from and assure that they are always coming in the name of Divine Truth of infinite source, deep practice in connecting with Divine beings and receiving their wisdom, and cosmic exploration of the mysteries of the universe.

This is a 6 month online course through video conference. We will meet twice a month for four hour classes with weekly peer practice sessions.

*This is a preliminary training course for those interested in becoming a Bee Divine Hive Priestess.

Begins January 2020 - June 2020
Course Fee: $1200
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