Divine Mother

Who is Divine Mother and What is the Sacred Feminine?

Divine Mother is the Mother of the universe, the cosmic womb from which all creation springs forth. She is that which comes before all. The great One. She is Mother-Father God. They are one and the same. The wisdom of the Mother holds the knowledge of our interconnectedness. Just as a mother of flesh knows the Wholeness of holding two lives as one within her body, so too does the Great Mother hold the knowledge that we are one and whole with Her. All creation comes from Her sacred being, and thus all creation is sacred. Her language is the language of Love, and every word is Truth.

I conceive of both a personal and impersonal form of Divine Mother. The impersonal Divine Mother is the Wholeness, that which encompasses All. The mystery of creation is that the origin is wholeness, oneness, the absolute. This all, this oneness, is actually androgynous, for it contains all that is, ever, was, and ever will be. It is both and far beyond concepts of masculine and feminine, Mother and Father. Yet in reclamation and recognition of the feminine principles of creation, where others call this God, the Father, I call out Mother. The personal aspect of Divine Mother are the aspects of the Sacred Feminine. She has taken many faces throughout history that we may know Her: Isis, Ishtar, Athena, Morrigan, Gaia, and thousands more.

There is great confusion and misconception about the Feminine in these times. For the Feminine has been denigrated and controlled for so long in our history. It can be difficult to discern what qualities have been pushed upon Her and what is intrinsic to the the Sacred Feminine nature. She is a mystery, for she contains all. She is multiplicity, she is tender, receptive softness, and ferocious, devouring protector. The Sacred Feminine wears 10,000 faces and we rediscover them as we work with her.

At the center of working with the Sacred Feminine, is that Her work is of the body, and through the body, of and through the Earth. God in heaven, Goddess in Earth, in body. Hers is a path of pleasure, of the senses. Not of passing pleasure, but ecstatic pleasure, transcendent pleasure. Hers is a pleasure that breaks open the old way of being to reveal our ultimate authenticity within. The Feminine calls for the felt remembrance of the sacredness of All and she does this by reminding us of the ultimate Truth, our oneness with All, with Her.

This is a critical time on the planet. Our varying crises stem from this wound of disconnection, disconnection from each other, disconnection from the Earth, disconnection from ourselves. Thus it is essential that the Mother return, for She brings with Her our soul. Through Her path we awaken to the truth, that we are human on purpose, we were born and are held in the infinite love of the Mother, and life itself is a sacred process. When we live in this truth we discover life is an ecstatic experience. The Kingdom of Heaven is here. The Mother/Father God/ess has given us all we need for a life of ineffable beauty, but only if we are accountable to our impact and actions. We are the medicine, we are the nectar. It is time to awaken and heal the planet, heal each other.

We call it “awakening” because through this process we become truly alive.

The process of Bee Divine Embodiment was given to me by the Mother. She bade me build a Temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and to guide people through this process of beecoming Divine, of stepping into a felt sense of the Truth of their Divine nature. It is my deepest honor to receive and offer this body of work for all who seek the Divine Mother and the path of the Sacred Feminine.