Goddess Incarnate

The Goddess has 10,000 Faces

It is time for the Goddess to awaken. It is time for matter to be re-ensouled. It is time to remember that we are goddess flesh. It is time for the feminine to save the world.

This is an interactive ritual theater experience created to reclaim and acknowledge the sacred feminine in women, and to reclaim woman as a living embodiment of the Divine. Our mission is to take 10,000 female identifying persons through our ritual of Goddess embodiment. This entails choosing an aspect of self to acknowledge as Divine, creating a customized ritual of worship around that expression, being facilitated by our Bee Divine Priestesses into a state of Divine embodiment, and stepping onto a stage in which participants are worshipped according to their desired ritual of worship by all who participant. This project seeks to empower women through the felt experience of their true sacred identity.

Goddess Incarnate can be experienced through public offerings, private events, and women’s retreats. Names are rituals are logged as we move towards our 10,000 Goddesses goal!

Public events:

Goddess Incarnate Monthly Workshops

Upcoming Women’s Retreats
Goddess Incarnate Immersion in Topanga Canyon
Becoming Elemental: a Five Fold Path to Wholeness
Gods and Monsters