Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Elizabeth

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Oracle and Healing Sessions

Elizabeth provides Divine Mother healing and oracle sessions in the tradition of the Divine Mother Church. These are deep vibrational healing practices lead in connection with Divine Mother. In these sessions you are saturated with Divine energy and brought deep into connection with the Divine. Blockages that limit the fullness of who you are, are broken and dissolved so that you may take root in the sacred truth of wholeness. In these sessions Elizabeth enters into a deep state of union with Divine Mother and other sacred beings, questions may be asked to receive wisdom from these beings. These sessions deepen one’s connection with the Divine creating a personal relationships with your cosmic allies. By regularly saturating yourself in Divine vibration you are tuning yourself to this frequency and learning how to commune and identify wisdom, healing, and guidance.

Bee Divine Coaching

One of the most important principles of this body of work is integration. Experiences of ecstatic divinity are potent and awakening, but it is the practice that truly brings metamorphosis. Bee Divine coaching is the path for those dedicated to create lasting change in their lives. Bee Divine Embodiment explores what it is to live from a place of wholeness with Divine Mother, to live from the knowledge that all is sacred. This requires integrated life practices. Elizabeth utilizes a variety of tools to experience the truth of your Divine nature, while helping you weave those experiences throughout your life. With Bee Divine coaching you will work one an one with Elizabeth creating regular practice with ritual, Divine embodiment , shadow work, and vibrational healing. Through regular practice a program is created so that you can integrate your Divine nature and truly Bee Divine.

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