Rights of Passage

Customized Ritual and Private ceremonie

“A ritual is a journey of the heart, a rite of passage, which enables us to arrive at a deeper understanding of ourselves and others” - Claire Schrader, Ritual Theater

This is a very special offering in which I work directly with you to create ritual rights of passage for significant parts of one’s life. Creating ritual around these special life events cracks open the heart and the mind to receive the felt wisdom that comes with life shifts. This is a powerful process created specifically to mark and deepen life shifts and leaps. If you are looking to go deep for your bachelorette celebration, preparing for marriage, childbirth, coming of age, endings and beginnings, I will work with you to curate a sacred experience for you and your loved ones to mark momentous occasions, honor and support your transitions. These very special offerings are available for both private and public events.