Ritual Theater

Photo by Mary le Gassique

Ritual Theater

Bee Divine Embodiment was born as interactive ritual theater. Two years ago I received a direction from Divine Mother to build a temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and to take women through a ritual whereby they would become and perform themselves as the Divine Goddesses they are. This direction became the heart of the Bee Divine Hive Temple. This Temple became a collaborative art piece selected as one one of Burning Man’s Honoraria art installations.

Shamans were the first actors. As an actress I knew that the goal was not to pretend to be a character, but to utilize the imagination so effectively that you became them. The goal is to create a real experience, real feeling, a living person, through the imagination. The ancients knew the potency of imagination and performance and would utilize this power to call the gods into their own bodies. Bee Divine Embodiment as ritual theater is unique in that it is participatory. We are not performing for you, we are inviting you to perform. We are assisting you that you may become, reveal, and be witnessed and celebrated as your true self.

For this practice, participants prepare by creating themselves as a Divine archetype, choosing an aspect of self to exalt as Divine, and creating a customized ritual worship around that aspect. During the “performance” our Priestesses assist you in stepping fully into that expression, we then invite everyone in our Temple space to worship and celebrate you as the Divine entity you are.

This ritual theater element is present throughout all Bee Divine practices and offerings, but it is at its height when held within the container of Temple. The Hive Temples creates sacred space. This provides the set and setting to support and encourage participants to fully merge with the experience. At this full expression of Bee Divine Embodiment ritual theater we recognize that this is an art, and that art is a gateway to accessing heightened states of being. Our sacred art is immersive and multidisciplinary. It creates a unique and transformative experience for all who participate.

Bee Divine Ritual Theater is available for bookings in a variety of options. We always include aspects of Temple and space creation to heightens the experience. Contact us to inquire as to booking options!