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Workshops and Retreats

Bee Divine Embodiment is a living practice, thus it is most potently felt in the flesh. Immersive retreats offer the opportunity to plunge into the depths of oneself and be fully held in the container of your sisters. Draw out your Divine archetypal parts, co-create customized rituals of worship so as to fully embody and take ownership of these parts, learn embodiment practices that you can use for integration in your life, transform through ritual theater, experience the electric blessing of sacred container.

Monthly Goddess Embodiment Workshops

This workshop is for women seeking to discover, enliven, and practice embodying their deepest authenticity and whole hearted self within the sacred container of their sisters.

Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite or at the door in cash.

Location: 1032 East Maston St, Santa Barbara CA

Goddess Incarnate 2 Day Immersion

Step into circle and ceremony and explore the living state of the Sacred Feminine. This workshop engages participants in the deep work of excavating the disconnected parts of ourselves and elevating those aspects of self so as to reintegrate them into our Divine Wholeness.

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Becoming Elemental: a Five Fold Path to Wholeness

This is a workshop series that flows throughout the course of a year meeting seasonally for a retreat training that takes place over four nights and three and a half days. Each section utilizes an element of nature as its guiding metaphor for Divine Embodiments.

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Gods and Monsters

The whole of our being contains many facets. When we deny a part of ourselves, we don’t get rid of it, rather, we push it into the dark of our unconscious and it becomes part of our shadow…

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